Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd Is Awarded the Prestigious Amazon STEP Seller Award and Certificate of Achievement

Amazon STEP Seller Award India, This prestigious STEP Award and certificate points out the healthcare center’s fantastic achievements in product quality and innovation.

Amazon STEP Seller Award India Agravat Online Store Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA, January 23, 2024 – Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd, India’s top D2C Ecommerce healthcare company, was rewarded with the Amazon STEP Seller Award and Certificate of Achievement. The company had achieved Advanced Level of outstanding performance in the Amazon Marketplace recently. This prestigious STEP Award points out the healthcare center’s fantastic achievements in product quality and innovation.

Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd presents a distinctive array of products for a host of Personal Care, Oral Care, Wellness, Prevent Oral Cancer and Quit Smoking Gutkha together. Its primary set of products that have taken the country by storm are :-

  • OSMF Vita Ultimate Health Gummies– World first innovative Lycopene Antioxidant Gummy.
  • UNIQUE Mouth Opener– World first and patented physiotherapeutic rehabilitation device.
  • OSMF Vita Tablet- Powerfull Lycopene Antioxidant.
  • OSMF Pops– innovative, Patented and World first herbal lollypop
  • OSMF Oral Gel– Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines.
  • OSMF Smile Toothgel Toothpaste– Powerful Toothgel Toothpaste with Pure 11 Herbal Extracts.
  • OSMF Mouth Opening Kit– World 1st mouth opening treatment at home and prevention of Oral Cancer
  • QSG Kit– World 1st Innovative Kit for Quit Smoking and Gutkha together.
QSG Kit Quit Smoking Gutkha
OSMF Mouth Opening Kit Pops Oral Gel Execerise Device Vitamin India
ultimate health gummies
Ultimate Health Gummies
UNIQUE Mouth Opener
UNIQUE Mouth Opener
OSMF Vita Box with hindi text
OSMF Vita Tablet
OSMF Pops Herbal Lollypop
OSMF Oral Gel Burning Sensation Eating Mouth Ulcers Ahmedabad Gujarat India Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd
OSMF Oral Gel
OSMF Smile Toothgel Toothpaste Top In India OSMFKart.com
OSMF Smile Toothgel Toothpaste

India has the most number of suffering from Oral Sub Mucous Fibrosis and oral cancer patients in compare to worldwide, primarily due to the poor habit of chewing tobacco and gutkha. Dr Bharat Agravat patented innovative products leads in providing not only effective but also affordable solutions, such as the OSMF Kit and the QSG Kit. These products are designed to help patients QUIT smoking, chewing tobacco, gutkha, pan masala etc — a common cause of oral cancer, restricted mouth opening among other oral diseases.

The products also help them improve their oral and overall health dramatically and stop further degradation of their condition. Both the diy kits contain products extracted from natural and herbal sources reducing the craving. They also help get over the withdrawal symptoms while also drastically improving oral hygiene and immunity.

Parallelly, Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd also has a good few online platforms to serve more customers for their distinct needs and provide them affordable, convenient access to its products and services. These platforms include:

Agravat Online Storehttps://www.agravat.com/, where customers can buy various Personal Care, Oral health and Wellness products.

OSMF Mouth Opening Kit: https://osmfmouthopeningkit.comwhere customers can learn more about OSMF Kit and order.

OSMF Kart: https://www.osmfkart.com/, where customers can find more oral care products in diverse categories.

Quit Smoking Gutkha- QSG Kit: https://www.quitsmokinggutkha.com/, where customers can get more information about the quitting smoking, chewing gutkha and tobacco, QSG Kit and order it.

Best Dental Implants India Dentist: https://www.drbharat.agravat.com/, where customers can consult with 25 years experienced and 18 award winner Dr. Bharat Agravat himself along with and booking appointments for dental implants and dental treatment services.

Dr Agravat healthcare Ltd : – https://www.healthcare.agravat.com/ . Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd. is a leading pharmaceutical company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are committed to providing high-quality healthcare products and services to our customers. We offer a wide range of products, including pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and healthcare devices. We also offer third-party manufacturing services.


Dr. Agravat Healthcare Ltd is India’s top Personal care, Oral care and Wellness innovative products online provider. It is committed to providing the best overall health, wellness and dental oral care solutions to its customers and improving their quality of life. The company is proud to receive the Amazon STEP award & Certificate of Achievement while looking forward to continuing its spectacular partnership with Amazon to serve even more customers worldwide.


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