Looking for Distributors, Dealers, Agents, Franchise Opportunities in India and worldwide.

Looking for Distributors: Get Premium Oral Care, Personal care, Beauty, Cosmetic and Wellness products, Boost your business to the next level.

🏥 Company Name: Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd.

🇮🇳 Country: India

📍 State/City: Gujarat/Ahmedabad

🏭 Industry: Health & Personal Care, FMCG

🌏 Website: https://www.healthcare.agravat.com

💁🏻‍♂️ Contact Person: Dipendra Jogi

👀 Looking For Distributor, Dealers, Agents, Franchise


Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd is a Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA based established 18 years ago innovation driven pharmaceutical company.

We are looking for a distributor-partner of our Oral Care, Beauty, Cosmetic and Wellness products in India in order to enter the global market. The distributor will import and export our products and distribute them to stores, e-commerce sites, and other modes of retailing.

Our Product USPs that are

  • – Our formula is patented
  • – Trademark registered.
  • – CE Mark Certified.
  • – GMP.
  • – ISO Certified Company.
  • – Natural Product.
  • – F & D approved.
  • – Clinically tested.

Premium Oral Care, Beauty, Cometic and Wellness products that are :

  • 1) Our OSMF Mouth Opening Kit® with OSMF Tablets, Medicine, OSMF Gel and Mouth Opener – Pack of 4 products DIY kit is ideal for open restricted mouth due to chewing Pan Masala, Gutkha, Supari at home. Buy now >> www.osmfmouthopeningkit.com
  • 2) Our OSMF Pops® | Enhances Immunity | Oral Care | Naturally Flavoured Organic Herbal Lollipops Candy Pack of 30. Shop now >>
  • 3) Our OSMF Oral Gel®– Effective in the Burning sensation in mouth while eating food and Mouth Ulcer, gingivitis, Pyorrhea, Swollen Bleeding Gums and Healthy Gums. Shop now >>
  • 4) Our OSMF VITA® – Powerful Combination of Nutritional Supplements Tablets, formulated for reduce TMJ Pain, Effective in reducing Joint pain, stiffness and swelling acts as an antioxidant. Shop Now >>
  • 5) Our OSMF UNIQUE Mouth Opener® : For Physio-therapeutic Rehabilitation Device for Oral Sub mucous Fibrosis, Trismus and helping in Guided Mouth opening exercise. Clinically Tested, Use by Dentists and Oral Cancer Surgeons for patient. अभी खरीदें >>
  • 6) Our OSMF Smile Tooth Gel® : The Best Toothpaste Whitening, Sensitivity and Bleeding Gums. Fluoride Free and Non Abrasive oral care products have a 11 powerful natural herbs. अभी खरीदें >>

“Note: This list is not exhaustive”

Company USPs:

  • * We always give importance to the well-being of customers
  • * We are backed by a more than 25 years experienced Doctors, Dentists, Ayurvedic Herbalist, family physician and research and development supportive and skilled team.
  • * We offer a high-quality range of Oral Care, Beauty, Cometic and Wellness products”

Why Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd ?

  • * We always abide by the law and work with honesty
  • * We offer easy payment options
  • * We have a well-equipped and hygienic manufacturing facility
  • * We provide our products at reasonable prices”
  • * Marketing Support: Digital marketing (Ads on social media platform) ,Channel Partnerships name on company’s website & Direct Inquiry support will always be backbone for our Channel Partners business.
  • * Training Support: We will provide training in developing marketing skills, understanding different aspects and targeting the right audience enabling higher conversions.”


Ideally, the distributor will be a partner who would know…..

  • * How to market to the target demographic
  • * Have financial ability to distribute and market.
  • * Be knowledgeable about the market.  

Domestic Retailers in India:

Our presence in Gujarat and Online D2C Business model sale on Company Brand Store. Also Marketplace like Tata 1mg, Netmeds, Amazon, Flipkart, Jio Mart and many more.

Export Countries:

Our presence Online with Amazon in 1. USA; 2. Canada; 3. Maxico; 4. UK; 5. Germany; 6. France; 7. Italy; 8. United Arab Emirates; 9. Singapore; 10. Spain; 11. Netherland; 12. Dubai; 13. Poland; 14. Japan; 15. Saudi Arabia; 16. Australia;. Also 17. Desert kart and 18. Walmart.     

Benefits of becoming Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd distributor (Distributorship perks:):

  • * Splendid margins on our high-quality premium products.
  • * They will get appreciable returns on investment.
  • * Immense growth opportunities after joining us.
  • * Informative brochures will be provided from our side.
  • * Full support from our side in terms of advertising and brand building