OSMF Pops – Immunity Booster Herbal Lollipops, Naturally Oral Care Candy. Herbal Lollipops Turmeric & Tulsi | Healthy Mouth & Gum, Oral Submucous Fibrosis, Lichen Planus, Cold & Sore Throat | Enhance Immunity |

Award-winner-GMP-Certified-CE-Approved-Natural-Ayurvedic-Product-by-OSMF-Mouth-Opening-Kit India
osmf oral gel clinically-proven-oral-submucous-fibrosis-treatment-mouth-opening-kit-at-home
  • – OSMF Pops is the world’s first and clinically tested herbal lollypop Candy to fight germs at their point of entry in mouth and improve your immunity too!
  • – Received Award “Emerging Innovative Product of the Year 2020 in Oral Healthcare Category”.
  • – Patented revolutionary innovative herbal organic lollipop for oral absorption.
  • – Quick relief in oral sub mucous fibrosis symptoms and mouth problems.
  • – Power of Curcuma and Holy Basil Herbal Candypops / Lollipops are healthier now.