OSMF Vita tablet Multivitamins, Minerals and Lycopene with Antioxidants for daily nutrition.

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OSMF Vita® tablets contain Lycopene with Antioxidants, Minerals and MultiVitamin A, E, C, B2, B1, B12.


* OSMF Vita® provides all essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary while doing gym, dieting, running and athletic activities. Also in Oral Submucous Fibrosis and Lichen Planus Treatment.


Key Benefits:

OSMF Vita Tablet is Powerful Combination of Nutritional Supplements Tablets, formulated for treating TMJ Pain, Effective in reducing Joint pain, stiffness and swelling acts as an antioxidant. It can help increase the capacity of the body to fight against free radicals and acts as an antioxidant It is used in the management of cardiovascular health and diabetes. It can help reduce the risk of oxidative damage.


Dosage : One tablet daily after the meal or as directed by the Dietician